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Driclad Pool Technology, Small Parts


Product code: 14254

Delivery Details and Timeframes

Risk in the Goods and/or Services passes to you upon the Delivery of the Goods and/or Services, and You indemnify Driclad against any Loss to the Goods and/or Services occurring after Delivery. You must insure the Goods from the date Delivery takes place. Driclad shall not be liable for any failure to Deliver by any date agreed in writing by Driclad as the date for Delivery or for delay in Delivery of Goods and/or Services occasioned by any cause whatsoever, whether or not beyond the control of Driclad. Driclad will not be liable for any failure to Deliver Goods and/or Services in accordance with any particular requirements specified by you. Failure to deliver part or all of the Goods and/or Services the subject of an Order at any agreed Delivery time will not entitle you to terminate the Contract and/or Order or to claim compensation of any nature. You will not be entitled to reject Goods and/or Services on the basis of late Delivery. Unless otherwise agreed, the cost of delivery of Goods and/or Services to you is your responsibility.

ETA’s for each state are as follows:

Victoria – 5 business days New South Wales – 5 business days Queensland – 5 business days Northern Territory – 11 business days Western Australia – 11 business days South Australia – 11 business days Tasmania – 11 business days

Details of any Australian export restrictions (if applicable)

Not Applicable - Driclad only delivers within Australia.

Refund Policy

Refund and Exchange Policy

Except for defective Goods You will be deemed to have accepted the Goods and/or Services in accordance within the Order placed with Driclad unless you notify Driclad to the contrary within 48 hours of delivery of the Goods and/or Services.

Except for defective Goods, the return of Goods by You for credit will not be accepted without the prior written approval of Driclad provided the Goods being returned:

(a) The freight is pre‐paid;
(b) Are in an unused condition;
(c) Are in the original packaging;
(d) Are unsoiled, not damaged and in resalable condition; and
(e) Are accompanied by a delivery docket (or a copy of it), a written statement including, the original invoice number, date of purchase and reason(s) for return.

The value credited, if any, will be in the absolute and unfettered discretion of Driclad, and in any case limited to the amount originally invoiced for the Goods, SAVE THAT the Goods returned will attract a charge (the amount of which shall be at Driclad's discretion but not less than $250) to cover inspection, documenting, restocking, repacking and any other charges that may be applied by Driclad.

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    Ready for a huge visual impact in your pool? Simply drop this floating device in your pool for an immediate underwater light show and colour illuminated water fountain. It floats, spins and shoots colours above and below the pool. Excellent for a Pool Party, or simply to impress and entertain you guests with an astonishing visual experience while at the pool during the night. This is the best selling floating pool light ever, and by a huge margin. Easy to Use: No Installation required. No hoses required. Spectacular: Delivers a dramatic light show of patterns and colors  Engulfs: Projects lights and colour to the bottom of the pool and the sides, while shooting color lit water into the air. Entertaining: Choose from 4 different light shows Rechargeable: No expensive batteries needed Tip: for even more awesome effects, use 2 or more lightshows. Note: The video below is from the earlier version of the product that looks slightly different. Features: One hour auto shut-off for the fountain Fountain can be turn on without the lights Perfect Pool Accessory Lighting coverage ranges from 3 to 5 meters Measures 17 cm diameter x 17 cm height 4 x Ultra Bright LEDs No Installation or hoses required Cycles through 4 light program

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