Our Story

Based in Melbourne, Driclad Pool Technology is a manufacturer and distributor of above ground swimming pools. We distribute our resin and steel above ground pools to pool builders, pool shops and installers all over Australia. Driclad Pool Technology is continually looking for new dealers and new markets.

The Driclad Story

Like backyard cricket, and a BBQ with friends, a dip in a Driclad pool has been part of the great Aussie summer for generations. For over 50 years Driclad pools have become the centrepiece in the backyard of over 200,000 Australian homes. Driclad Pools are now more popular than ever as families realise they can enjoy all the fun of a pool without spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on a fibreglass or concrete in-ground pool. The latest pool technology combined with decking and landscaping can create resort style pool at a fraction of the cost, in days rather than weeks. Driclad Pools are proudly made using only the highest quality materials. In particular, our resin pools are constructed with features not seen in any other resin pool in Australia.

Why Driclad?

Why Driclad? Why Not? These points highlight Driclad against our competitors and show why you next pools should be a DRICLAD POOL.

Fresh Water Pools

1. Driclad is Australia’s strongest above ground pool 2. Driclad uses world leading pool technology 3. Driclad provides unequalled backup support and service 4. Driclad pools are modular and braceless 5. Driclad resin pools are easy to install 6. Driclad offers deep end versions 7. Driclad is Australian owned and operated 8. Driclad Pools have been around for over 50 years 9 Driclad – for the best in family pools